November-December 2014

Sugar Science

Sugar Science Beverages

Sugar Science Beverages

Sugar -- It's not as much about the calories as it is about messing up the way your body operates!

The University of California San Francisco has launched a new site to share scientific research about sugar and its effects on human health. Sugar Science: the Unsweetened Truth has an alarming message. We are usually concerned about sugar as a source of calories that can make us fat. The research shows that too much sugar is toxic and can wear down our internal organs and our cognitive abilities.

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Science of Wellness

Immune Cell Aging Agents

Immune Cell Aging Agents

Sugary Soda Drinks Linked to Immune      System Cell Aging

According to a recent study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco published by the American Journal of Public Health, regularly drinking high levels of sugar-sweetened soda could lead to the premature aging of immune cells, leaving the body vulnerable to chronic diseases in a manner similar to the effects of smoking.

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Fiscal Health Matters

5 Smart Ways to          Control Impulse           Spending

Kalyn Brooks of Creative Savings offers 5 action steps to avoid a major emotional,  financial, and relationship stressors in our lives caused by impulse spending.

Five Action Steps from Kalyn

  1. Wait before you buy
  2. Avoid tempting situations - Unsubscribe to email promotions. Stay offline. Stay home.
  3. Plan ahead with lists - Sticking to your lists helps you stick with the things you really need
  4. Give yourself fun money - This allows you to budget and save for the fun of buying things that you  don't really need.
  5. Develop contentment - Be happy with who you are and what you have. Enjoy each day.

Featured Recipe

Sugarless-Apple-Cookies"Sugarless" Apple       Cookies

No sugar is added to this recipe, so the only sweetness in these cookies comes from dates, apples, raisins and a bit of sweetener. Baked goods can include a lot of extra sugar that may cause diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. So, here is a goody you can enjoy and share with your loved ones. If you don't want to use the sweetener, check out More Resources for conversion information so you can use sugar instead.

Healthy and Fun Holidays

Sirius - by Yuuji KitaharaSirius by Yuuji Kitahara

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and other winter holidays are supposed to be happy, joyous times. That expectation can be a big problem with real people and real family situations.

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What is Living It Up?

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Mindful Living

5 Minute Miracle - Guided Meditation

What makes me feel good? What makes me feel complete?

Moving and Loving It

Taking Salsa to the Next Level!


Ask Living It Up

799px-Glaspalast_München_1891_062 - Secret Correspondence - public domain - Carl von Bergen
Dear Living It Up,

Sugar is everywhere and in everything. What can I do to make sure that my family and I are not getting too much added sugar.

Sweet But Low

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Things to Look Out For

Sugar Cane - Wikimedia Commons

Sugar Cane

Finding Hidden Sugar

Trying to avoid sugar can be difficult if you don’t know all of the names for it on food labels. gives a good list in the Many Names of Sugar.

Here are a few of them.

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